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Mumbai escorts are more sensual that you think

If you think that you have seen all of Mumbai escorts, then you are wrong. They are not just normal typical Indian woman who we know. They are something different and they do things differently. Indian men are addicted towards western country women who know better things, but we underestimate the power of Mumbai escorts. The reason is simple that we think these escorts are average lovers and they won’t be able to satisfy our desires. Below we have created a list of things that you must read before making your mind.

They have lovely skin – yes you heard me right, the escorts in Mumbai are having lovely skin, because they spend time and money on their body. They are aware of the fact that men are into soft skin and they love women with bright skin. This is the prime reason why Mumbai escorts invest time and money on maintaining their skin quality.

Meet Me :- I am the Most Gorgeous Companion Girl in Mumbai.

They have got the moves – if you think that India women are not hot or sensual then you are totally wrong because Mumbai escorts are very talented when it comes to showing pretty good moves. These escorts can move any part of their body as per your likeliness. If you have any desire that you can’t discuss with everyday women then you can simply share it with them. They will never say no to you, instead they will be pleased to comply your orders and please you the way you wanted. These escorts are not only hot but they have the respect for their client. They will be happy if you become their regular client and ask for their services over and over again.

Amazing dressing sense – We know that women in India are always trying to cover up as much as possible, but that’s not the thing with Independent escorts in Mumbai, because the love to show as much as possible. They are comfortable in short clothes and they don’t want to compromise their comfort. They also know that men are attracted towards intimate clothing that women wear. They are expert in showcasing their body by wearing little clothes. So, if you are about to hire an escort for pleasure then get ready to be aroused with their sensual moves. Most of the escorts working in Mumbai are also very good dancers. Now dancing is something that can really be interesting for men. Clients love it when their escort dances with sensual moves.

These are some things that men must know about Mumbai escorts and if they want to hire escorts in Mumbai then they are definitely going to get these things. Mumbai escorts are not only hot but they know how to satisfy a client and that is what separates them from other escorts. So if you are bored and lonely then don’t wait much longer and start taking their services now. They are just waiting for your call so that you can take their services and you will always be going to remember her for things she is going to do to you.

From a small town girl to Mumbai escort

Hi, my name is Sunaina, and I am from a small town in southern India. I have never thought that one day I will be working as Mumbai escort. From childhood I was suppressed a lot and I was made to learn home jobs like cooking and cleaning. My parents always told me that once I get married I will have to take care of my husband and later bear children for him. This thought made me sick as I was having high ambitions and I wanted to explore my life before getting myself chained to a single man. (Cuty Sharma).

So I ran off from my home and went to Mumbai to pursue my dream. When I reached there I saw that girls are so open minded here and they are independent too. So to make things better I started working as Independent Mumbai escort. I have not been with any man but I thought that this is going to be a new experience for me and I will also enjoy earning while having fun.

I have watched dirty movies and it really used to arouse me a lot. This was my first time and my client was also very young. At first when we did it was really amazing, I never thought that I am going to enjoy this much. After that I went on and on and I never stopped working. I have been working as Mumbai escort since last 5 years now, and I always want to experience new things.

There were times when business used to be slow, but now I have made a list of clients who occasionally come to Mumbai and ask for my services. They are good clients and I know them very well. I know their likes and dislikes too, so this really makes my life easy as being with someone whom you have known for a long time is really preferable for me. I also meet people who are strangers to me.

The best person with whom I shared a moment was with a school boy who came to me to gain some experience. He was having the money and he was very good looking too. At first he was not so good, but after teaching him many times he really became an expert in making love. He always used to call me and share his fantasies with me. Sometimes I really wondered that he might be in love with me, but in my line of work Love is something we can’t afford. Eventually after teaching many things I stopped meeting him and he went to become a famous playboy. I am really happy for him as he used the techniques on various girls and made their life. This was my experience of being an escort in Mumbai and I really liked it too. I will keep on sharing more experiences so that you can read them and enjoy more of such stories from me. Till that time keep on fascinating about me.